Excited to visit Claire & Emma!April.2019

The trip was off to a bit of a rocky beginning….
First…my flight was pushed back 3 hours causing my arrival time to be midnight.  Then it was pushed forward 1/2 hour.  We decided to make a stop on the way at a local store, but when we came out, our tire was very flat….we spied a big screw in it!  Danny worked fast trying to get the tire changed, while I called AAA.  Danny was having major problems with our jack & AAA was a hour out. I called Uber & got picked up fairly fast.  $34 later & one missed airport exit, I made it to the airport.  By the time I was at my gate, I’d received a text from Danny that the tire change had been completed.  All was good.

I flew in on a Sunday night & Danny would be joining us the following Saturday.  The family is great!  Sara had some time off while I was there, which was so much fun for me!  As per our usual when we visit, our main goal is to play, play, play!  There’s hugging, reading, racing, swinging, baking cookies, dress up, pretend hair salon, building with the Duplo’s, hide & seek, walks around the lake, watching a movie, swimming…the list goes on & the love just gets bigger & bigger for these precious sweet girls!

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