Lots of Celebrating!…December 2019

Danny & I were so happy to be on a road trip together heading south to Orlando to spend the holiday with Sara’s family.  It’d been months since Danny had seen the grand girls, so he was especially excited.  We’d have 10 days to play & have fun with Claire & Emma.  We’d be there long enough to celebrate Christmas, New Years & Claires 5th birthday!  Wow…there’s always a lot going on with small kids, but we’re going to be so happily busy!

As usual, I don’t go in order with the photos on these trips…it’s a montage of fun!

We arrived!  It was supposed to be a surprise, but they figured it out early.  In any case, Danny made videos during our trip & sent them anyway.  We donned a different Santa hat for each video.  Not sure they thought it was that funny, but we had a good time along the way.

IMG 8614.jpg

And then the real fun began…..

IMG 4799.jpg IMG 4831.jpg

And there was Christmas cookie baking….

IMG 8628.jpg IMG 8631.jpg IMG 8700.jpg IMG 8717.jpg IMG 8756.jpg IMG 8764.jpg

IMG 4825.jpg

Happy Christmas Day!

IMG 8890.jpg

Emma loved the Santa’s Whiskers cookies I’d brought.  Throughout our trip she would come to me or Danny, look up & say “Santa cookie please”…we couldn’t resist.

IMG 4875.jpg
IMG 8894.jpgIMG 4878.jpg IMG 8782.jpgIMG 8857.jpgIMG 4867.jpg IMG 8943.jpg
IMG 5047.jpg
IMG 8962.jpgIMG 8930.jpg IMG 8893.jpg IMG 8969.jpg

We were so happy to be with Sara, Kevin, Claire & Emma!  But we also missed the boys.  Thoughtfully, Luke & Pete sent a Christmas photo…Santa in a casino!  We loved it!

IMG 8593.jpg

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